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Verena community receives water tanks from civil rights movement #NotInMyName: by Xolisile Dlou

#NoyInMyName delivers water tanks (Jojo) to the community of Verena

Verena community members and Chief Skosana were thrilled after civil rights movement #NotInMyName delivered Jojo water tanks on Wednesday 14 April. The aim was to help residents who are in need of water.

Themba Masango, Secretary-general of the movement said that the community lacks running water. He explained that there is no enough pressure to pump water up to the area; as a result the water does not reach Verena since it is located in an uphill. Masango further added that they will continue to support local communities in need which is in accordance with the movements’ social justice mandate.

“We travelled on Wednesday to meet Chief Skosana in Verena, Kwandebele in Mpumalanga and we handed over Jojo water tanks as part of our partnership with the chief and the community,” he added.
He further mentioned that the movement commits itself into drilling boreholes in the area in order to assure community members of a sustained water supply.

He concluded by saying, “we cannot afford to wait on government, politicians and political parties. As civil society, we must assist where we can.”

Xolisile Dlou
Journalist, editor, writer and content creator