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Registration for COVID-19 vaccine for South African citizens over 60 opens: by Xolisile Dlou

Picture sourced from the internet: Dr Zweli Mkhize, Health Minister urges people over 60 to start registering for COVID-19 vaccinations

Dr Zweli Mkhize, Health Minister announced on Friday, 16 April that the registration for South Africans who are over 60 has been opened. Mkhize has opened the Electronic Vaccination Data System.

The first batch of 30 million Pfizer doses is expected to arrive in May 2021. Mkhize explained how the data system works. “We will use the information provided to communicate about the vaccination program, when necessary. The data from the system assists us to allocate vaccines to the vaccine service points to ensure enough vaccines are available at those points,” he said.

He further explained how one registers. “To register go to https://vaccine.enroll.health.gov.za. You will need a smartphone, tablet or computer. The welcome screen will guide you through the steps,” he explained. He added that it is important for people to follow instructions and put correct details. When they are finished, the system will then send an sms to the phone number provided which will confirm that one is registered.

The Minister further clarified that the reason an address is required is for people to be sent to vaccination centres closest to their homes and some may be directed to an individual’s place of work. Mkhize urges the youth to help elders register for the programme.

Individuals who cannot register using the internet can go to their nearest vaccination centre with their identity document, passport, asylum-seeking or refugee number and medical aid card if they have one. Vaccination is free and no one should pay for it at a site.
Mkhize further added that the details of the vaccinations will be captured digitally creating an electronic health record.

Xolisile Dlou
Journalist, editor, writer and content creator