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Mutilated bodies of two young children found in Khayelisha : by Xolisile Dlou

Two young children’s mutilated bodies were discovered in Khayelisha section D, Kwandebele on Saturday, 17 April. It is alleged that the eight year old boy and four year old girl were murdered. The bodies were discovered in one of the holes dug by municipality for sand used for building.

Area where two mutilated bodies of young children, boy eight years old and a girl four years old were found in Khayelisha, Kwandebele, Mpumalanga Province

Simon Malisa, grandfather of the deceased said that he is very disappointed and saddened about what happened. He explained that the children both left playing with tyres, approaching the dug holes which have now been filled with water on Friday. He further said that when they started looking for them, they were nowhere to be found instead they found the tyres they were playing with. “We called the community and searched for them on Friday, I did not sleep at all until today. We found them on last minute near where we found the tyres. Some of the body parts were removed,” he said.

Malisa further voiced out his concerns about municipality not being able to attend to their grievances about fixing the holes. He mentioned that the holes are a danger to the community as they constitute to people committing these crimes.

Khayelisha section D ward counsellor, Mthimunye said that he has been asking for assistance from the municipality to fix the holes with no luck. “I wrote letters to the municipality asking them to fix the holes but what happened is that for whatever reasons it took very long for them to respond,” he said.

He further concluded by saying the municipality is aware that the holes are a danger to the community. “As a counsellor, we will go back to municipality so that they can see that what I was talking about is really a danger,” he concluded.

One of the community members stressed that they are pleading with the counsellor to go to the municipality as soon as possible and ask them to come and fix the holes. He mentioned that as a community they are traumatized and don’t know what to do as they do not want another incident like this to occur.

Xolisile Dlou
Journalist, editor, writer and content creator