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GDE dismisses Parktown Boys High School principal: by Thabiso Ricky

Picture sourced from the internet: Malcolm Williams, Parktown Boys High School principal dismissed

On Monday, 12 October the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) served Malcolm Williams, Parktown Boys High School principal with a dismissal notice. Following the incident that occurred on 15 January, where he unjustifiably prejudiced the administration, discipline or efficiency of the Department. Williams has been charged with three allegations of misconduct.

He is accused of undertaking or causing the school to undertake an excursion to Nyathi Bush and River Break in Brits for Grade 8 orientation camp without prior approval, failing to ensure that a correct roll call for all learners who went to said excursion was maintained and disregarding Safety regulations as set in the clause of E safety measures as a result putting the lives of the learners in danger in addition failure to provide correct PPE (life jackets) for all learners who were participating in the water activities which led to the death of Enoch Mpianzi.

Williams was found guilty of the first two accusations and not guilty for the third allegation. After careful considerations of mitigating and aggravating circumstance, the President Officer dismissed him accordingly.