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Petrol price to drop from today midnight : by Xolisile Dlou

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The Department of Energy announced on Sunday, 4 October that from today midnight, the price of petrol 95 octane, both unleaded (ULP) and lead replacement (LRP), will drop by 32c/l while the price of petrol 93 octane will drop by 23c/l.

The department explained that this is due to the average international product prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin decreasing during the period under review which was 28 August to 1 October and also the rand appreciating, on average, against the US dollar during the same period.
While the wholesale price of diesel 0.005% sulphur will drop by 93c/l, the diesel 0.05% sulphur will drop by 90c/l. On the other hand the single maximum national retail price (SMNRP) of illuminating paraffin will decrease by 101c/l and the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin by 76c/l and the maximum retail price for PLGas will drop by 20c/kg.

Following are the changes announced by the Department of Energy

Illuminating Paraffin to decrease by R1.01
Diesel 0.005% to decrease by 93c
Diesel 0.05% to decrease by 90c
Petrol both grades of 95 to decrease by 32c
Petrol both grades of 93 (ULP and LRP) to decrease by 23c