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October SASSA payment schedule : by Xolisile Dlou

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SASSA has recently announced its payment update schedule and office hours for the processing of social grants. Early next week, SASSA grant recepients including the R350 grant recipients should have access to their money.

The payment dates are as follows,

Monday and Tuesday 5 to 6 October, grants for elderly people.
Wednesday and Thursday 7 to 8 October, child support grant and forster child grant.
Friday 9 October, overflow from the above information.

SASSA also stated that the process to review the 1.9 million rejected applications is underway. The Department also mentioned that the legal framework which supports the reconsideration of the use of bank means testing amended by the Department of Social Development will be published within the next few days. They will clarify the qualifying criteria and support SASSA in ensuring that deserving citizens do receive the support they are entitled to.